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I was going to post this picture a few days ago…Sorry.  Did I mention that I have ADD. Shocking I know. Thank you for your comments.

I did however get some quality time painting this past weekend. I will post what I am working on Tomorrow July 1st

Here is the Rose I painted my Wife. She liked this one.


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Abstract art is my first love. I can’t even explain how I feel when I finish a painting or object. It looks like complete chaos to many but to me it is how I see life. Even when I was a child I love to take lots and lots of pictures of shapes, figures, shadows, close-ups… you get the idea. I never liked to take a “normal” photo. People are so boring when they are posing for a picture.

However I do love paintings flowers. I think it is because of the many shapes and colors they encompass.

Here is a funny story about this painting.

God blessed me with the most beautiful wife in the world and she always knows the right words to say. I know that she looks at many of my paintings with complete confusion.  She is all about order. She is one of the most organized people in this world. Out of the blue she asked me to paint her a flower. I was so excited! She said she didn’t care which kind of flower so I got to it right away…

Here is the painting I finished for you, I told her… She was speechless….after a few minutes she asked me,”What kind of flower is that?” I told her I made it special for her. We both laughed… I ended up painting her a new flower…It was a rose. I will show you it tomorrow. 

Here is my first Painting for my wife. 


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 How will you look back on the choices you make today?

We are only given a few precious pieces of sand in time.

Make the most of them.

Do what you love.

Live every day with your family as if it was your last.

Always let them know that you love them.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

And most of all give God the glory.

That’s how I see it.

I’m not only on a quest to become a well known artist. I am also on a quest to find out who I really am.

I have all the pieces to the puzzle in my life, I just need to know how to put them together.

I never really realized how much I love to work with my hands. Painting brings out what is in my heart and sole through my hands. I have never been good with words.

When I paint I am at total peace with myself and the world.  That is the best way I can put it. 

I give you little by little all the pieces of my heart. Here is one more piece.



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I was so busy yesterday doing nothing….That I didn’t get to paint.

 I find that I have less patience when I can’t paint or draw.  This is why I need to find a way to make my dreams come true. It may take me the rest of my life… 

If anyone has any advice????? Please…….

This world will always tell you that “you can’t do that” whatever that is.  Nike had it right in there add campaign.  “Just do it!”  What else needs to be said……  

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New at all this.

Blogs are all new to me… Please have patience with me…..

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I know that I am an artist now but my goal is to have it as my career. I have many people in my life who think that I am crazy and that I will never do art as more than a hobby. I have to try. I can listen to the doubters or believe in myself. I put myself in every painting or work that I do. The more I paint the more I want. As I grow as an artist my dreams are starting to have more color. I hope I make since to someone.

Here is another part of me.

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I was able to spend some quality time working on one of my watercolor paintings. Water color is so much harder to use than Acrylic paint. When acrylic dries you can layer easily on top of color.  With watercolor if it gets to wet you make a new color.

I think it is fun trying out new styles and new mediums. I sometimes get a little frustrated when it doesn’t turn out like I want but it is all about learning……

Here is the Watercolor I am working on.

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