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The best part of a quest is that you never know what is arount the corner.

If I havent said I had to close my shop and started working at a FedEx Office. Times are tuff for a flooring store. I don’t have the time I did before to paint but I am finding my time.

In all things there is a reason. I have been able to meet some amazing artists at FedEx (kinkos). Artists come in all the time to make prints of there work. It has been a true joy to see so much tallent.

I have a new outlook on life. “Do what you can today. Tomorrow my never come.”

With that said here is a few new pieces i have been working on…

Thank you all!!!



August 15



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Chris and Fiona visited and I got to see Fionas first drip painting. It looks great! I enjoy when they come by to visit and do some work.

Here is a painting I just finished.

A little piece of me….

White on Black

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Patrick's Art Card

Patrick's Art Cards

Patrick's Art Cards

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I love to learn something new.

I have done drip painting before but I have learned a new way to do it and I love it!   

We all can learn from each other. Thank you Chris.

Webb Red


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This is the best way to describe my mood today!

MoodyI sometimes let it all go! Hard day at work!

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I haven’t been around my computer for a few days. I have been working on one of my abstract planks. I am also selling a few planks on E-Bay. Now that is a lot of work!!!!

I am glad to be back to IT!

Here is my watercolor coming together.

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Trying to discover who I am as a painter is a big question. I love abstract because it is a way that I can let it all out. When I paint seines of floral paintings it is more rewarding. I know time is a key factor on what I will mostly do. I know many of you have gone through what I am going through. I am working on some new abstract wood paintings. Here are some of the photos I took today.

My Planks

Sometimes I not quite sure what I am trying to accomplish.

Working Day

I really do like all the feed back that I get. It helps me grow.

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