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I love to paint and draw but photography is still one of my passions. My first camera was soooo old, I just remember I had to put a flash in the front after each photo I took. I then progressed to a Pantex K-1000. I still have it today.

I have taken a few pictures in the last few days. I hope you like them.

All Me

Never at rest


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It is so great to have a supportive family.

As I have said I am looking for work and it can get frustrating.  At night I feel like I have no energy.  I don’t want to do much of anything.

Enter my wife who I believe is a saint and my three boys. They have been encouraging me to paint. They know it settles me when I am doing what I love. It is fun painting in the same room as my family. When I was at my shop I would mostly paint by myself. I think my wife is the most curious watching the different techniques I use when I paint. I really don’t think she is aware that I know she is watching. She makes me laugh often when I show her my completed pieces. By enlarge she doesn’t like abstract works of any kind. She will say “I love the colors…” My second quest is that I am going to create a work of art she absolutely loves.  Now that will be a challenge.

For now her just supporting me and just loving me is enough…. For sure!  

Here are a few finished pieces…. I call it balance.

Far and away


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My favorite Painting I have ever done. I think having fun when you paint or draw is one of the most important things you could do.

Here is my favorite painting I have ever done!

Purple Pride

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I sure admire those of you who make a living as an artist. That is sooooo awesome.

Here is a Drawing I did. Some times interpretation is the best part.

If someone is not sure what you want to do with your life… Follow your dreams. It’s the only advice I really have. I wish I would have followed my artistic dreams when I was young. The important thing is that I finally am.

Free Style

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I am sorry about being away for so long. I had a few things change in my life. I had to close my flooring store and I am currently looking for a job. Life gets very stressful sometimes.

The one thing that helps with the stress I have not been able to do. Paint! Since I started my Blog I have really found out a lot about myself. Art, Painting, Drawing, Photography are all part of who I am. That is priceless.

I will be keeping up with my posts better from here on out.

That being said here is a photo I took late one night when I was really stressed out.   

At My Bedside

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Chris and Fiona visited and I got to see Fionas first drip painting. It looks great! I enjoy when they come by to visit and do some work.

Here is a painting I just finished.

A little piece of me….

White on Black

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It is the greatest feeling in the world to finish…. I mean really finish a painting. It is something I have created with my own hands out of my own mind. Yes I am out of my mind.

I think I have lost a week. Business is really slow for flooring so I have been out looking for business. I have however finished a few paintings I have been working on.

Thank you for checking in on me! Also thank you for the comments.
Have a great day!

 I made this for my wife.

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