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It is so great to have a supportive family.

As I have said I am looking for work and it can get frustrating.  At night I feel like I have no energy.  I don’t want to do much of anything.

Enter my wife who I believe is a saint and my three boys. They have been encouraging me to paint. They know it settles me when I am doing what I love. It is fun painting in the same room as my family. When I was at my shop I would mostly paint by myself. I think my wife is the most curious watching the different techniques I use when I paint. I really don’t think she is aware that I know she is watching. She makes me laugh often when I show her my completed pieces. By enlarge she doesn’t like abstract works of any kind. She will say “I love the colors…” My second quest is that I am going to create a work of art she absolutely loves.  Now that will be a challenge.

For now her just supporting me and just loving me is enough…. For sure!  

Here are a few finished pieces…. I call it balance.

Far and away



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Chris and Fiona visited and I got to see Fionas first drip painting. It looks great! I enjoy when they come by to visit and do some work.

Here is a painting I just finished.

A little piece of me….

White on Black

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I like it simple.

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I love to learn something new.

I have done drip painting before but I have learned a new way to do it and I love it!   

We all can learn from each other. Thank you Chris.

Webb Red


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I am pleased to introduce to you Fiona Kirkpatrick. She is also another local artist that I think is very talented.

By Fiona

By Fiona

Fiona was born in Great Falls, Montana and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2001. Fiona has always loved to draw and has developed her own style of drawing.

It is my pleasure to introduce her to you.

By Fiona

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My Hanging Plank Art 109

My Heart

I think I worked out the bugs on my pictures. Here are a few paintings I am working on.

My Plank Art 107

Plank Art 116

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The Cross

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