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The best part of a quest is that you never know what is arount the corner.

If I havent said I had to close my shop and started working at a FedEx Office. Times are tuff for a flooring store. I don’t have the time I did before to paint but I am finding my time.

In all things there is a reason. I have been able to meet some amazing artists at FedEx (kinkos). Artists come in all the time to make prints of there work. It has been a true joy to see so much tallent.

I have a new outlook on life. “Do what you can today. Tomorrow my never come.”

With that said here is a few new pieces i have been working on…

Thank you all!!!



August 15



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My favorite Painting I have ever done. I think having fun when you paint or draw is one of the most important things you could do.

Here is my favorite painting I have ever done!

Purple Pride

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It has been a tuff couple of days at the shop. Flooring sales are really slow. I get really frustrated…

Now –

“What have I been up to??? I am working on my Plank Art.

My Hanging plank art

I had an idea. Put a chain on it!!! Now you can display it.

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I haven’t been around my computer for a few days. I have been working on one of my abstract planks. I am also selling a few planks on E-Bay. Now that is a lot of work!!!!

I am glad to be back to IT!

Here is my watercolor coming together.

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I can’t believe how quick time goes by.

I have been working on this watercolor and plank art for the last few days. 

Somewhere in New York

So much for finishing all my unfinished paintings. I will get to them eventually. 

If you have ADD like I do that is a funny statement.  

I am having fun with my planks!!!!

Plank art by Patrick

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I was using my other creative side yesterday. I finished my countertops at the house. I think they turned out very nice. I put a 20×20 porcelain tile on a diagonal with an 1/8 grout line. I used a 2” oak trim for around the outside. Here are some of my photos of the finished countertop.

My Countertop

My Countertop

If anyone has any questions about tile or wood, I would be happy to help. That’s what I do.

I have such a great time doing things like that. 

I will be painting with watercolor today.

Have a great day.

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Here is the watercolor I am working on. I will show my progress as I go.

New York

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